Can I book a dress in advance?

Yes! Simply send a request using the calendar feature on any item for rent.This will notify the Owner of the item who will then approve or decline the request.

Can I try on the dress?

"Try ons" are at the discretion of the individual Owner of an item. If you want to try on an item simply send them a message on their listing!

Who is responsible for cleaning the items?

It is the responsibility of the Owner to dry clean the dress or item, do not attempt to clean the dress yourself.

What if I accidentally damage the dress?

All Owners and Renters understand that accidents do happen. You need to contact the Owner immediately in order to work out a resolution. You will be charged for the cost of repair capped at $150 and any disputes will be handled through our dispute resolution process.

Why am I asked to complete a review?

Part of the security of Who Is She Wearing comes from you, the community. We understand this can be annoying but it helps us to create a safer and trusted community of Renters and sellers.

Can I rent or lend if I am under 18?

You will need a parent or guardian to rent or lend on your behalf. All liability will be accepted by the relevant guardian.

What if an Owner asks me to pay them directly outside of Who Is She Wearing?

By going outside of this system we can no longer guarantee your security or transaction. It is a violation of our Terms of Use to transact outside of our site. If someone asks you to pay offline or directly, please report this and we will investigate. By enabling us oversight of all transactions we are able to monitor any issues.

How long is a rental period?

The rental period is 4 days.

When will my credit card be charged?

As soon as your rental request is accepted. An additional $150 'hold' will be placed on your card. Please ensure that you have adequate funds in the account your card is linked to to accommodate the $150 bond and the hiring fee nominated by the owner.

What if I am late returning my dress?

When a Renter returns an item late it affects the Owners ability to clean and prepare the item for the next Renter. Owners reserve the right to raise a dispute and the Renter may be responsible for a Late Fee, as set out in our Terms of Use.

How much does it cost to list?

List your designer items for free! You will only be charged a service fee once you accept a request from a Renter. Our fees amount to 10% of the total transaction price.

What do I do if a brand is missing from the list?

If your designer brand is not on the list - let us know (just choose 'other' in the meantime).

What photos should I upload?

The following photos are acceptable:

  • Photos of you wearing the dress at an event
  • Professional photos
  • Photos of your dress on a coat hanger

The following photos are unacceptable:

  • Photos with multiple people in it. This is confusing for Renters to know which dress is actually available
  • Photos of the same dress but in a different colour
  • Photos of a similar dress

Can I use images from designers or other professional photos?

Due to copyright the images you upload must be your own images.

How do I list multiple sizes?

We advise that you list the size on the tag and also the size(s) that the item could fit. Please use the table of corresponding sizes as a guide when selecting the size of your item.

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed?

We only request the item is in an acceptable condition. An item that has any of the following will be treated as not of acceptable condition:

  • Items with noticeable stains, pulls or tears
  • Items that infringe on the copyright of any person including false designer items
  • Items with excessive signs of wear

We ask that you ensure that the description and sizing of the item is accurate. Who Is She Wearing reserves the right to remove listings and/or deactivate or cancel a user’s account. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

How does the Calendar work?

The calendar allows prospective Renters to see when a particular item is free to rent. The calendar is automatically set to a period of 4 days to allow for the pickup/delivery and return of the item.

Should I hold a security bond over my item?

Who Is She Wearing protects all Owners with a $150 hold placed on the Renter’s card. In the event of damage to your dress there is up to $150 available as compensation.

How do I know when and where to courier the dress?

After you have accepted a Booking Request, you can view all the details for the booking in My Profile -> Manage My Rentals.

How do I pack my item for the courier?

We recommend you pack your items carefully if you are posting them. Please include a return bag with your return address pre-filled for the Renter to return the item.

How many items can I upload on Who Is She Wearing?

You can upload as many listings as you like.

Can you sell your designer items on Who Is She Wearing?

Yes of course!

Is it possible to rent designer items all over Australia?

Yes – Our marketplace operates Australia wide, so if anOwner is willing to ship their item, you can borrow nationwide.

What happens if someone doesn’t return my dress?

If you have made reasonable attempts to contact the Renter with no success. Then Raise a Dispute and contact us at support@whoisshewearing.com.au. We will reimburse you with the maximum bond of $150.

Who is responsible for dry cleaning?

The Owner is responsible for dry cleaning their items, and they have the option to incorporate any cleaning costs into the rental price.

What if there is a dispute between a Renter and an Owner?

We advise that firstly the Renter and Owner contact each other in the event of a dispute and attempt to resolve the conflict.

If a dispute cannot be resolved, either the Owner or Renter must contact within 24 hours of the dispute arising and provide details including when it first arose, evidence of the attempts to resolve the dispute and a description of the damage, photos of the damage including original receipts, receipts for replacement, and/or an estimate for repair on letterhead by the appropriate repair company.

The dispute function can be located under:

For Owners

Manage My Rentals -> Past -> View -> Raise Dispute

For Renters

Items I Have Rented -> View -> Raise Dispute